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Among Us is a game that has been out for about two years already and it seems to have recently blown up in popularity. Ton of things have been added and changed in Among us. Among us Free Download PC, it is a social deception game really similar to trouble in terrace town or some of the physical games like werewolf or avalon. You can start out in a spaceship with a group of four to ten players. Normally every single person except maybe one or two are crewmates and they’ll have several tasks that they have to complete throughout the spaceship. The rest are imposters and the impostor’s goal is to kill the entire crew without getting caught so they can just kill any player.

Among Us Free Download PC Overview

Normally you would want to kill players that are isolated so you won’t get caught obviously and this is because whenever someone discovers a dead body. They can report it and the game immediately goes to a voting phase and one thing that When playing this game you are not allowed to communicate with the other players. So if you’re playing on discord with some friends, We all have to mute ourselves in discord, but whenever the voting phase starts we’re all allowed to unmute ourselves for the duration of the vote. Kind of have conversations about who we want to vote on and obviously if you’re dead you’re not allowed to say anything for the rest of the game.

Among Us even tells you explicitly that you aren’t allowed to communicate during the normal game so you technically could cheat if you wanted to with your friends. but you know that would kind of ruin a huge part of the game. So whenever you get to the voting phase everyone is allowed to talk for a little bit about who they think. The imposter is and everybody then votes and whoever gets the majority of the votes gets ejected from the spaceship and killed. If it’s the impostor then the crewmates win but if the impostor is still alive then you all go back to the ship and continue the game and you can also vote to skip if you don’t really have enough info on them.

Among Us Free Download PC Free

Among US Game System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz.

RAM: 1 GB Of RAM Memory.

Disk Space: 250 MB of Disk Space Available After Installation.

DirectX: 10 Supported With Sound Card.

Among US Game Details

If you are the imposter you are really trying to kill people in isolated areas. Kind of just blend in with the crew you can also use a system of vents as the imposter but you have to make sure you don’t get caught coming in or out of event, because you’re the only ones that can go through them. If someone sees you doing it they’ll know that you are obviously the imposter you can also start sabotages like cutting out the lights, and turning off the oxygen in certain areas, to cause chaos and kind of force the crewmates to perform certain tasks. Go to certain areas and kind of plan on that you know kill them when they are you know isolated.

Everything like that and as a crewmate, you have a bunch of tasks you need to do all over the ship, but what’s really cool about this is every little task is, kind of like a little mini game so you may need to shoot 20 asteroids from in front of the ship. You could connect to broken wires in like an electricity box and once everyone in the crew does all their tasks you instantly win. if the imposter obviously hasn’t won already. So overall I think this is easily one of the best social deception games. I have ever played for a multitude of reasons firstly I like that the crewmates actually have something to do and it’s not just them waiting around in groups.

How To Download And Install Among Us PC Game

Simply First You Have To Click The Given below Downloading Button.

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Game Technical Details

Game Name:Among US
Developed By:Innersloth
Published By:InnerSloth LLC
Release Date:15 June 2018
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Uploaded By:Top HD Games
Game Setup Size:200 MB Setup
Genre:Multiplayer Video Game PC

The game to kind of strike you know the mini games add a lot to the game. It gives an excuse for the crewmates to all kind of separate from each other instead of grouping up in fear. If you’re a crewmate and you get killed you still kind of need to complete your tasks as a ghost in order for the alive crewmates to win. So You still have to actually do something to let the crewmates win the game. The voting system that happens every time someone tries to report a body as it helps the game’s facing and it kind of gives you sample time to discuss and try to trick people.

Among US Free Download For PC

If you are the imposter also the game has three completely different maps. So you have the spaceship map, You also have kind of like a space station map and then you have like a planet based map and so every single map is different from each other. The layouts of the map themselves are different but they also have different tasks to complete on all of them. They have different vent systems from each other and they also just look decently different from each other as well.

They really help add a lot of variety into the game, which is nice another huge draw to the game is that the host of each game can customize the rules of the game to a really impressive detail. Among US Free Download PC, They can change things like the amount of imposters how long the meeting times is how fast the players run, how much vision the crew and how much vision the imposter has the kill. Cool down of the imposter how many tasks must be completed and much more.


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Frequently Asked Question’s

Among Us How To Download And Install For Free?

Simply You Have To Click The Given Downloading Button In Our Site.
Then You Will Go To The Game Downloading Page, Simply Click Download.
And Your Download Will Start Automatically And Then Install Game.
Play And Enjoy For Free Among US Pc Game.

How Much Size Among Us Will Take In My PC?

Among Us Game Setup Is About 200 MB And After You Install The Game in Your PC, It Will About 250 MB After Installation Process.

Is Among Us Support Voice Chat?

No, Among Us Does Not Support Voice Chat In-Game, But You Can Able To Chat With Text.

Among Us Can Be Played With Friends Online For Free?

Yes, You Can Able To Play Among US With Your Friends Online, Because It Is already A Multiplayer Based PC Game.

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