GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed

GTA 4 has a very distinct look compared to all the other GTA games because of its color tones. Sometimes it does overdo the greys and the browns to completely submerge itself in that god forsaken washed out look the ps3 and Xbox 360. GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed. The game really hasn’t aged as intended is in terms of the animation. In Game cutscenes they look so goofy. GTA 4 is visually pleasing to look at the character models could use some work, but all the props clothing textures and especially the vehicles have aged incredibly well in terms of graphics.

GTA 4 Download For PC Game Overview

GTA 4 has the best vehicle damage in the series, vehicles can get as deformed as Stephen by the way. You can help in changing that moving on the effects from guns and explosions have aged phenomenally. The show is the city was so utterly immersed in liberty city, it’s ridiculous even though it’s not as big as san Andreas or GTA 5 is map. GTA 4 Download For PC Compressed, The architecture of liberty city is still a spectacle to behold whether it be its subway its crowded bridges or the very tall buildings. The city still feels like a living breathing place. Rockstar knew its towering scale so every time you pan the camera up. it switches to a different view that really makes you realize how tall some of the buildings.

GTA 4 has one of the most notorious pc ports of all time and Rockstar didn’t even bother fixing anything even with the complete edition release. The frame drops for no reason are still there, The game never runs as well as it should on modern hardware.

GTA 4 Download For PC

GTA 4 Game System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/ 8 ( 32 Bit / 64 Bit Both Supported ).

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz.

RAM: 2 GB Of RAM Memory.

GPU: 512 MB of Graphic Memory.

Disk Space: 25 GB of Disk Space Available After Installation.

DirectX: 9 Supported With Sound Card.

Good performance out of this game unless you’re willing to use mods and stuff to fix it. The good the sound in the game is great all the sound effects are crispy whether it be crashing your vehicle, firing any weapon, knocking out. All the only sound effect that felt kind of weird to me is the swimming sound effect, Even when you are swimming fast it sounds like water droplet instead of a manly murderer’s heron’s hitting. The water the music is fantastic background. Music fits really nicely wherever it’s played although sometimes.

How To Download And Install GTA 4 For PC Free

Simply First You Have To Click The Given below Downloading Button.

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When Download is Completed Then Install The Game In Your PC.

Then Run The Game GTA 4 PC Game Play And Enjoy For Free.

GTA 4 Download For Pc Compressed

The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto 4 is superb when i get into a car and rocky mountain race starts playing. Grand Theft Auto 4 has the best GTA theme of all time. The story is about Niko Belik who has come to America from back home in Moda russia. He is moved to liberty city to escape his troubled past and pursued the American dream. Nico was persuaded to move here by his cousin roman. The best character in the game who claimed to be living a life of luxury however in reality he runs a failing taxi business has mounting depths and various criminals from liberty city.

GTA 4 There is some story choices given to you in some missions and that there is two different endings. The story is good but it’s not as good as i remember especially towards. The end it’s kind of rushed near the end and feels like you have missed a few chapters of character relationship between certain characters. The character interactions especially involving roman are handled really well also the radio shows in this game are hilarious. They don’t get talked about as much as they should be there are many interesting characters in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Technical Details

Game Name:GTA 4 / Grand Theft Auto 4
Developed By:Rockstar Games
Published By:Rockstar Games
Release Date:28 April, 2008
Platform:Microsoft Windows
Uploaded By:Top HD Games
Game Setup Size:19 GB Setup
Genre:Single player Open-World/ Multiplayer PC Game

Gta 4 missions is that they fail miserably in hiding what’s scripted and what’s in your control. In Some Mission The game tells you to kill Someone, but in reality you can’t kill him until he has entered and left the subway in order for it to be a set piece.

GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed

When you shoot a body part like a leg or a hand you see the enemy feel the impact on it. Get pushed through it and instinctively tend to it. When you hit headshots the enemy’s head is thrown backwards like seriously seeing headshots in this game at close range is like ecstasy. GTA 4 Download For PC Highly Compressed, Every weapon whether it be a pistol sniper rifle or anything feels good to use combine that with the fantastic sound of the weapons. The ability to switch weapons while aiming down sight. Another thing that could have been implemented is aiming to get up violent cover instead of the present system.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

From Where I Can Download GTA 4 For Free?

You Can Able To Download GTA 4 From Our Website The Downloading Links Are Given For Free, Simply Click And Your Download Will Start Shortly, Then Install The Game In Your PC And Play For Free.

When GTA 4 Game Official Release?

It Released On 28 April 2008 Official From Rockstar Games, And It Is A Part Of A Series Grand Theft Auto.

How Many Missions Are in Grand Theft Auto 4?

There Are About Total 88 Mission In The Grand Theft Auto 4, And 2 Ending Mission Which Mean Total Are 91 Mission’s In GTA 4 PC Game.

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