How To Speed Up Your Gaming Pc/Laptop

How To Speed Up And Optimize Your Pc/Laptop For Gaming Free. You Get a Lot Of Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Pc For Free. I Have Found Most Working Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Gaming Pc.

Microsoft Windows Are Best For Gaming, It Is Optimized For Gaming. If You Are Gamer, Then You Need To Play Games With Microsoft Windows.

Are You Gamer, And Want To Improve The Speed Of Your Pc? Then Follow The Given Below Tips.

1. Update Your Graphic Card

Graphic Card Perform High Role In Gaming, Because All The High Graphic Games, Must Need Graphics Card Speed In Your Pc. Yo Need To Follow Some Steps For Speed Up Graphic Card.

Step 1. Update Your Graphic Card Driver For Device Manager, You Can Easily Update The Driver With This Tool. Search For Device Manager And Then Find The Graphic Card, That You Installed.

Step 2. Update Your Graphic Card, When It Completed You Will Take Effect, Sometimes It Will Restart Your Pc For Taking Effect.

You Can Disable And Uninstall Your GPU ( Graphic Card ) And Then Update Your Driver.

Note: it Works Or Not? If It Is Not Updating Your Graphic Card, Then Follow The Other Guide Given Below.

Update Driver With Support Assistant

You Get Your Pc/Laptop Support Assistant From The Company, From Where You Have Purchased. Take An Example I Have a Dell Laptop, So in This Case, I Will Go To Dell Website And Install The Support Assistant Of Dell In My Pc.

Basically The Support Assistant Will Automatically Download And Install Your Driver Of Your Pc. It Is the Best Way That I Do, In Most Cases. You Get All Other Companies Support Assistant From Them Official Website For free.

You Don’t Want To Install Support Assistant? Well, You Have To Write Your Product Tag And Product Name in Company Driver And Support Section, For Find Your Missing Driver. Choose Your Product And Your Operating System, Then The Support And Driver Give You All Driver List. Which Driver Work With Your System, If You are Given Right Info There.

2. Remove Unnecessary Applications

You Have To Remove Not Used Or Unnecessary Program In Your Pc, Because These Application Taking Your Pc Speed.

Open Windows Task Manager With CTRL+Shift+ESC, And You Can Open From Taskbar, Right Click In Taskbar, Then A Menu Will Appear, Select Task Manager And Open It.

Now Check Your Program, Which Is Running At The Time In Task Manager. You Can Remove The Unnecessary Software/Games With Task Manager, Or Open The Program Location And Remove It Permanently, If It is A Virus Or Something Else, That You Don’t Know.

You See Your Processor, CPU, Disk Usage, And Internet Performance In the Performance Section In Task Manager.

You Can Remove Other Program, Which Is Running, When You Pc Start In Start-Up Section Of Task Manager, There You Can See All The Program, Which Run When Your pc Start.

3. Disable All Other Background Application While Playing

Disable All Other Application, Which Is Running In Background, You Can Check With Task Manager And Disable Background Running Application Other With Task Manager.

Don’t Download Or Run Other Application Like Antivirus Or Installing A Software/Game In Your Pc While Playing Game. These Things Take Lot Of Speed In Your Pc, So Try Not To Use These While Playing Game, Your Game Will Run Not Smoothly In This Cause.

Disable Windows Automatic Updates, Go To Settings And Find Windows Updates Disable It.

4. Install Important Games Software

Every Game Need Some Software, Which Helps The Game To Run. Like You Need DirectX. When You First Time Install Counter Strike Global Offensive In Your Pc. Every Game Have Its Own Driver Needed, Some Need Visual Basic Driver And Some Net Framework Drive In Your Pc.

Update Your DirectX Driver You Will Get More Performance After Updating DirectX. Because It Perform A Huge Role In Graphic Cards Speed. Every Graphic Card Have A Version Of DirectX Like Intel HD Graphics 4000 Has Direct X 11 Version.

You Can Get These Important Software Free From Microsoft Store, Install It In Your Pc, And Every Graphic Card Have His Own OpenGL And DirectX Version. So You Need To Upgrade Or Buy A New Graphic Card In This Case.

5. Use A SSD ( Solid State Drive ) Instead Of Hard Disk

Nowadays Hard Disk Is Very Slow For Gaming, Because New Games Need A High-Speed Driver, Which Can Read And Write Fast In Pc, You Need A SSD ( Solid State Drive ), SSD Have A Higher Speed Of reading And Write, More Than A Normal Hard Disk. it Also Transfers The Files Very Fast. When I Was Playing Game, My Hard Disk Stopped Working Sometimes Because The Hard Disk Have Not A Lot Of Power As SSD.

Games Run Smoother And Faster With SSD Drive, Because SSD Has Higher Speed Of Cache And Reading Than HDD, Games Also Need Speed In Reading, Because The Game Getting Data From Where His Files Stored. The Reading Speed Will Increase If You Use A SSD.

6. Scan For Viruses

Clean Your Disk With Disk Cleanup, Which Is Officially installed In Every Microsoft Windows. Go To File Explorer.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-15.png

Right Click On System Windows Partition In File Explorer And Click A Screen Will Appear, Then Click Disk Cleanup.

Then It Will Detect Your Drive From Error, Internet Cache, Recycle Bin Files, And Temporary Files ( Cache). Wait 3/4 min. Then It Will Ask You Which Thing Have To Delete, It Can Delete Your Disk Cache Also If You Select These Files To Delete.

Scan Virus With Windows Security A Best And Free Security Software, Officially Installed In Windows 10. In Lower Version, You Should Install Windows Defender, Which Is Also a Product Of Microsoft. You Have To Use These Only. Because These Are Best And Developed By That Company, Who Create Microsoft Windows.

7. Reduce The Game Graphic Setting

Reduce Or Decrease The Graphics Settings In-Game, Go To Game Setting There You Get A Video Setting, You Can Change Your Graphic Of Game From Video Settings Of Every Game. You See A Lot Of Changing In Graphic After This Because it Can Decease Graphic Setting Of Your Game.

Every Game Has These Settings, Decrease The Graphic Setting If Your Game Lag Or Hang. You Should Increase The Graphic Card When The Game Work Smoother All Time.

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