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Mafia is narrative itself is what really makes it great don’t get me wrong I still think it’s one of the better stories in video gaming as a whole. it is well written compelling and paced pretty well outside of a few stints its autobiographical flashbacks format is a great way of telling a story over a long period of time. The jumps in time also help with the believability of it all.

Mafia 1 Game Pc Overview

Mafia’s major flaws in the self-post were by someone who couldn’t bring themselves to finish the game for a whole bunch of different reasons. They have 5 major complaints the first is about the bad AI which is kind of fair enough then the cover system which there isn’t 1/3 is bad physics fourth is the game-breaking bugs and the final point is about how the cutscenes drive everything. The gameplay is just a side hassle he elaborates on all of these points further down in the post I’m not here to tear this post apart so I disagree with a lot of this, they can think whatever they like and the mafia is definitely not a game for everyone.

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Mafia is so great just for unusual reasons, Its Priorities is making the protagonist Tommy Angelo relatable the game starts before he joins the Mafia, and time is devoted to establishing his situation, This is most obvious in the second mission named Running Man after refusing a job offer as a wheelman for the gang. The Mission simply has you driving around as a regular 1930s cab driver, You have to take five different passengers around the city and it’s very deliberately mundane because of this it’s a somewhat infamous part of this game.

Game Cut-Scenes

Taxi work in a cutscene but instead you have to play it and it’s hard if you drive in weird places or in out-of-the-ordinary ways. Passengers will comment on it and you can annoy them enough to fail the mission and have to restart the best way of completing this mission is by driving safely within the speed limit, especially because the police will come after you for simply breaching the limit or running a red light.

The whole experience is tedious but it’s intentionally slow because working on a job is not exciting and that’s exactly how both you and Angelo feel one of the priorities of the entire first acts of this. The story is to create a resonance between Tommy and you as a player as well as helping you identify with the protagonist.

Mafia 1 Game Download For Pc

Mafia 1 Game Download For Pc Free

The other effective mission has is making this world believable of course being the city and its inhabitants do that thing is a part of that, But there is a certain novelty to just being a small part of a larger world. You are just a cog in a machine and this idea ends up being one of the themes of this game. The brief taxi section exemplifies some of the main design ideas behind the mafia in that it prioritizes its storytelling and realism above anything else at the core of Mafia’s.

This is a game that does not care if you are enjoying it or not instead it tries to put you in the shoes of a mafioso rising through ranks because of this. It is a polarizing game that has had a lot of criticisms leveled against it many of which are valid in their own way with all that in mind.

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