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The Sims 1 base game which was released in 2000, I believe maybe 1999 and the seven expansion packs that they released through 2004. The Sims 1 Download PC, In the first original Sims game you have a number of lots that you can build houses on and move people in and these are all the pre-built homes, That come with every Neighborhood. They have the same pre-built families in case you didn’t know the sims is a life simulator.

The Sims 1 About Game

Building and buying was very basic in the first Sims game, You don’t have many chairs to choose from and when you choose one or any item, You don’t have any way to customize it. Use all of her money to buy her one of those really old computers, even though the sims itself is a really old game. You have the opportunity to mod it if you want to do, You want to figure that out and by doing. You can put in different objects into the game. it just the way, it’s pretty simple and it’s ridiculous so for the building, same for the buying like different zany sorts of fences that you can build and buy different options for columns.

The core of the game is controlling your sins, So here’s their needs which have changed over time in the sim series, But there used to be eight needs and they decay really quickly the interests.First person to give you a sense of who these Sims really are you had an inventory, For the couple of different expansions. which gave you items that you could hold on to and then the relationship bars, they added the bottom longtime relationship meter in one of the expansions. The Sims hot date and it used to be just one but interactions very different in this game, They’re very simple and right on time the careers also very straightforward and linear.

Sims 1 System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MHz.

RAM: 128 MB Ram.

Disk Space: 300 MB Space After Install.

Video Card: 2 MB Dedicated Memory.

Operating System: Windows XP And 98.

Direct X: 7.0 Supported.

The Sims 1 Download For Pc Latest Version

What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna increase your skills you’re gonna build friends and that’s literally all you need to advance in any career. In some of the careers you will need up to like 12 to 16 friends and that can be really difficult, actually challenging in this first Sims game because controlling your Sims is difficult in challenging. Your Sims advanced and get to do cool things is by increasing their skills, Which happens very fast you can also tell that time itself happens very quickly, And neighbors always greet you when you first play a game.

How To Download And Install Sims 1 For Free

First You Have To Click The Given Downloading Button.

You Will Go To The Download Page, Download From There.

Then Install The Sims 1 In Your PC, Play The Game Enjoy.

Sims are in the good mood then you have the advantage in relationships, But otherwise it’s really difficult apparently. A hundred is the maximum on either side and the top bar is easier to fill up, You have some options on the phone you can hire some services that you pay a number of samolians instead of money. You can call the neighbor invite them over talk to them on the phone call a cab to one of the place.

The Sims 1 Download Details

Game Name:The Sims 1
Published By:Electronic Arts
The Sims 1 Download Size:300 MB
Release Date:4 February 2000
Uploaded By:Top HD Games
Platform:Microsoft Windows

PC Game Features

What that means is creating your own sims? which is still obviously a feature to this day. You have a number of different basic options as you can see, The personality was very defined by how many points were in each category which defines your astrological sign, Could also change that and it actually does affect the behaviour of sims. Especially when they are in neighbourhoods, and community lots so as you can see there is a bunch of really zany costumes and hairs for you to choose from, From a variety of different types of sims so you have adult and child.

Sims 1 game children cannot age up to adults so that’s important but then there’s also babies, Which age up into children. You have three different skin tone options. Some of the heads and costumes not many but some are exclusive there you can choose your gender, I was very customizable for the early 2000’s coming off of the late 90’s for PC Gamers. If you want to go into one of the homes, There the magic town is one of the expansion packs. Sims hot date Studio Town is from Sims superstar they have helpful features. The old town shuttle is from The Sims Unleashed which expanded the neighbourhood and gave you pets. There is vacation island that’s from the sims vacation.

The Sims 1 Download

You have neighborhoods, if you want to like change things the house is up there on the first, if empty so you can rezone any lot to be a community or residential one, Even if someone’s living there and you can destroy all the houses and lots. The Sims 1 hot date was the second expansion it offered restaurants and shops and fashion to buy, which is very cool. You can invite sims on to a dates there’s some really cool non playable characters, that pop up in these worlds in the first game, it is awesome.

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